Barbara Jackson, founder and president of WildCats Animal Welfare first started to use Reiki healing on the animals WildCats rescued as an alternative to veterinary treatment. Many of the cats and kittens suffered terrible injuries as a result of being hit by cars, savaged by dogs , crushed in dumpsters or by heavy equipment or deliberately hurt by nasty humans. Because the cats were mostly abandoned pets and semi wild, they often could not be easily handled and some of the injuries were so extensive that most vets simply recommended euthanasia.

Barbara decided to try Reiki to heal their injuries where she could not catch or handle them and in cases where their injuries were life threatening. In most cases, the cats showed steady and sometimes even dramatic improvement. Cats who would have been euthanased by vets, have instead made good recoveries.

Barbara continues to use Reiki healing to successfully treat many of the animals rescued by WildCats and is now offering Reiki healing as an alternative to veterinary treatment for people's pets. There is very little stress for the pet, no painful procedures, no drugs, no lengthy periods of recuperation or rehabilitation.

Fees for Reiki healing (which is available remotely) are much less expensive than vet costs and proceeds are donated to WildCats to help fund their rescue and rehoming operations.



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