SWISH is a 14 year old British Shorthair female who has suffered with skin allergies all her life. She had large bald patches on her tail and rump with skin flaking off through her fur - and she was very itchy. Vet treatment involved intermittent shots of cortisone which only temporarily relieved the symptoms. Reiki healing settled the allergies down, cleared up the flaky skin and let Swish's fur grow back over her bald patches. She doesn't need cortisone anymore!

SANDY is a 3 year old Ragamuffin male who for many years had black gunk coming out of his eyes, nose and ears. Successive vets were not able to even diagnose the problem, nevermind treat it. After several Reiki healing sessions, however, Sandy's eyes, ears and nose have cleared up and he looks gorgeous!



TAMMY is a 6 month old black and white female who had severe skin allergies and ulcerated lesions on her nose which did not respond to veterinary treatment. After several Reiki healing sessions, she has made a dramatic improvement and her nose is now looking normal and clear.